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v0.3.0a For Android
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Feb 27, 2024
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Android 5.1+
Visual Novels

In Stuck at Home APK, players will control a kid who finds himself alone due to a pandemic. As a result of a layoff and an increase in rent, Hero works remotely until he is laid off. Having to move back in with your parents. The protagonist gets dragged into a lot of humorous situations in this game. Dialogues with secondary characters will give players the chance to make choices and decisions.

In Stuck at Home, gamers can enjoy erotic images of pretty girls with whom the protagonist will interact in an interactive visual novel. It is up to you to choose the answers you want in the dialogues, which will change the relationship between the characters. In addition to making friends, you'll be able to see the protagonist's naked relatives. The story is filled with funny situations and Guy getting into trouble.

You can influence the story's development by choosing one of the available scenario branches. The story and ending will change based on the actions or choices of the user. The project is designed for adults who have already reached adulthood. They have to deal with a lot of intimate content, which may not be acceptable for young gamers. During the course, you will have to choose your desired solutions and deal with difficult moral dilemmas.


How was your pandemic? Your quarantine?

For our protagonist, it did not start well. 

Just as he was getting comfortable with working from home, he suddenly lost his job and his rent skyrocketed, forcing him to swallow his pride and move back in with his family. Most of them welcomed him back gladly, but he didn't feel nearly as happy about it. For him it was like he was back to square one, like he had never left in the first place. And now he would have to spend his days doing nothing, unable to go outside due to the restrictions, unable to earn money or be useful. And worst of all, he would constantly bump into his family in precarious and awkward situations.

Perhaps because it had been a couple of years since he had last seen them, or perhaps the quarantine caused him to become sexually frustrated, or maybe he was always messed-up in the head, it didn't matter. He ended up finding himself attracted to his siblings and his own mother.

Would it be possible that they felt the same way? Maybe this quarantine wouldn't end as badly as it started?


  • Jason, the protagonist.
  • Jude, the mother.
  • Mia, the oldest sister.
  • Casey, the younger brother.
  • Chloe, the youngest sister.


  1. Detailed backgrounds.
  2. High-quality UI.
  3. Ability to move around the house and interact with things.
  4. Many different minigames. (Improvements and more still coming!)

Planned Features

  • Multiple routes, at least one with each character.
  • Outfits and expressions.
  • Animated scenes.
  • Calendar system with seasons and holiday events.
  • And more!
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