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v0.1-0.2 For Android
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Feb 27, 2024
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Android 5.1+
Visual Novels

MayFly APK is a Visual Novel where The city's sewers stink of blood and rust. Portraits of the wealthy and powerful line the streets, attempting to cover up the heinous crimes they've committed.


The story is set in the city of Devon, the country's only megacity. Plagued by a glaring wealth gap, Devon eventually divided into the Uppercity, where company execs and corpos live amidst opulence and luxury, and the Undercity, where factory workers and gangsters, including triads, dwell.

A decade ago, a phenomenon of unknown origin resulted in the sudden emergence of superpowers among individuals in and around the city, primarily among teenagers. However, this unexpected development presented a formidable challenge for the government, as these superpowered individuals started to engage in criminal activities. In particular, they targeted the Uppercity due to deep-rooted inequality, resorting to acts such as kidnapping and murder of the wealthy.

To tackle the rising crime rates, the government is compelled to implement two bills: the Vigilante Act and the Superpowers Act. The former empowers selected individuals with superpowers to go beyond traditional law enforcement measures to combat criminals, while the latter treats superpowered individuals differently from regular humans, eliminating age restrictions and establishing dedicated prisons for them.

Over time, superpowered crime in Devon steadily decreased thanks to the state-funded Vigilantes who are entrusted with the task of upholding justice. However, as the Vigilante force expanded, the balance started to shift as some Vigilantes with concealed motives became a new source of instability in the city. Additionally, after the initial surge of superpowers, no new superpowers have emerged in Devon. This results in a growing public demand for the abolition of the Vigilante Bill, and a change in public perception of Vigilantes from once-revered heroes to a more critical stance.

In such a setting, where you are a member of the Vigilantes, are you truly willing to let others dictate your fate? I believe the answer is unequivocally "Never." Every decision you make, whether significant or seemingly inconsequential, has the potential to impact the relationships and alliances you form during your journey.

Is it to live fleetingly like a mayfly in this superficially vibrant city, or to leave a lasting legacy as a legend in the streets?

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