Balance Ball 2 Apk

Balance Ball 2 Apk v0.5 (Latest)

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v0.5 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 20, 2023
66.6 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.1+

How would you like to challenge your mind and test your skills in a fun and unique way? If you're looking for a ball balancer, Balance Ball 2 is the right choice for you! You'll find this simple yet entertaining game hard to put down.

In this game, you must balance as many balls as possible on a platform. To keep the balls balanced, players will move the platform left and right, tilt it up and down, and move their finger. Levels become more challenging as more balls are added, and the platform becomes more difficult to control.

There are two modes in the game. The goal of the first mode is to balance as many balls as possible in a limited amount of time. To advance to the next level, you must accumulate points.

Gameplay is smooth and responsive, and graphics are colorful and vibrant. Playing this game is a great way to pass the time as you aim to achieve the highest score possible.

Ball Balancer: Balance Ball 2 is now available on Google Play. Get it today and enjoy the challenge of balancing as many balls as you can!

Features in Balance Ball 2 Apk

Key features in the Extreme Balancer ball jump game:

  • Easy swipe or moveable controls
  • Addictive & relaxed gameplay
  • Unique types of rolling balls
  • Intuitive interface with smash ball jump
  • Vivid realistic 3d graphics


Balance Ball is a challenging blaster in which you must maintain balance while rolling your ball. This bouncer ball game is more adventurous when you roll different balls over tricky traps. You can blow the balls over wooden bridges, metallic planks, and other obstacles in this ball balancer blast game.

You must balance the ball on the wooden floor and walls without falling into the water. Every time you start a level, you are given 3-5 lives, and after every fall, until your health runs out, you respawn to the checkpoint. Don't touch the red barrel or it will explode. In order to reach the boat, you must escape all obstacles.

After playing a 3D ball game, let's prepare ourselves to feel free. Whether you're rolling, spinning, jumping, or avoiding unexpected obstacles, don't lose your life. Prepare for an epic ball race in a different setting.

A balance ball will help you unlock more levels with new challenges in this extreme balancer game. Find out how to balance 3D balls with your fingers.

There are different levels in this ball game jump that are full of adventure. Make rolling balls cross all obstacles or reach safely & soundly to prove your bowling skills. At every level of the sky or water ball race, there will be tons of traps and hurdles to overcome.

Playing offline games

You can jump the color ball quickly by swiping on the screen or balance it carefully by pressing the right-left buttons. Jump over hurdles by keeping the Balance ball 3D on tracks. Getting the maximum score is the main objective of this going ball on the target location game. Enter the offline world of extreme balance ball in landscape mode.

Don't miss out on this ultimately stunning and amazing offline ball game.



One of the most popular and successful mobile games available today is Balance Ball 2. The game is easy to learn and provides hours of entertainment. Gameplay is interesting, graphics are great, and levels are unique. The game is suitable for all ages due to its variety of platforms and levels. There are also a variety of power-ups and bonuses that make the game even more exciting. Whether you're a casual player or an experienced gamer, Balance Ball 2 will appeal to you. It's a great way to pass the time and will keep you entertained for hours.

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