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12月 27, 2023
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After Hesta's henchmen attacked, life in the north was no longer peaceful. The Vikings fought bravely and pushed back their enemies. Three days and three nights were spent fighting the hordes of evil spirits. Although the enemies were strong, the heroes faced them with courage.
Vikings defeated evil creatures thanks to their team spirit. Despite being old and ready to pass on to the next world, Ragnar dreamed of dying with a weapon in his hands. That's exactly what happened.
The Valkyries, Odin's daughters, descended on the battlefield. As they carried the fallen Vikings to Valhalla, they picked them up and carried them away.
Upon entering Valhalla's main hall, Ragnar saw many warriors feasting. In the center of the hall, he noticed a huge warrior. Odin was there. As he sat on the throne, he called Ragnar to come up closer.
In the bowels of the earth, a deep rift opened up, releasing terrible creatures. Therefore, he had to turn to the legendary warrior for help, who had to use magic to close the rift.

Features in Northern Tales 6 Apk

- let your inner Viking out and protect Ragnar's kingdom from an evil invasion;

- step into the role of 3 different characters to save your royal realm;

- face numerous trials and earn Awards for your bravery;

- fix, construct, grow and collect in this epic discovery.


After receiving a task from Odin to close the rift, Ragnar descended into the mountains' bowels. To the dwarven kingdom.

The dwarves let Ragnar through after he told them about his mission. As proof, he showed the amulet Odin gave him.

Ragnar was expecting various dangers on the way to the rift.

Ragnar threw the amulet into the rift, a flash appeared, and the evil was sealed. To repay Ragnar for his assistance, the dwarves organized a grand feast.

Ragnar said his goodbyes to the dwarven leader the next morning. Afterwards, the dwarves opened an ancient portal leading to the surface.



An enjoyable and immersive storyline, diverse characters, and a wide range of activities and mini-games make Northern Tales 6 Apk a great game for all ages. Its visuals and sound effects create a fun and colorful atmosphere, while its puzzles and challenges give the player a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, the game's replayability and variety of levels make it a great way to pass the time and keep players interested. Overall, Northern Tales 6 Apk is a great game that has something for everyone.

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