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App By:
Pinkie Games
v1.01 For Android
Updated On:
thg 2 21, 2024
784.0 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.1+

Recommended for those who like bed shota, pixel art lovers, and exploration action RPG fans! Focused on the gameplay as an exploration action RPG and pixel eroticism. A lively and cute fully voiced exploration action RPG.


The girls in the surrounding area are in a naughty mood due to the demon king's daughter Viola's lewd techniques. I started to scare boys!

The main character, Phil, and his older sister Fio, inherit the bloodline of a master swordsman, In order to stop Viola's evil actions, he heads to Viola's territory. The area is full of naughty girls! Will Phil be able to reach Viola?

New Update v1.01

  • Apart from the game operation key configuration.
  • It is now possible to configure the keys for "Decision" and "Cancel" on the system screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the viewport could become slightly misaligned under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where some blocks could be destroyed needlessly on some maps.
  • Save data from Ver.1.00 can be carried over to Ver.1.01 without doing anything.

Features of Mega Nee-Chan APK

The screen changes smoothly during erotic scenes.

When you receive a sexy attack from a girl during gameplay. You can proceed smoothly to the sex scene without the screen turning black or switching. As the sex scene progresses, the position becomes even more naughty!?

Special characters and situations

Standard older sister character, warm older sister, In addition to the sporty girl and the swimsuit girl. Monster girl older sister, giant girl older sister, etc. A wide variety of ladies will appear.

The situation is:

  • Cowgirl position
  • Face sitting position
  • Reverse cowgirl position
  • Face-to-face sitting position
  • Pafpafu
  • Kiss attack
  • 69
  • Titty fuck
  • Handjob
  • Swallowing
  • Wrap around
  • others

There is no reversal with the content overwhelmingly dominated by women.

Huge map with over 20 areas

There are over 20 areas, so it seems like an exploration action game. You have some freedom to explore. From the menu screen at any time during play (except during boss battles) Map movement (fast travel) to warp points (bases) is possible.

One warp point is placed in each area, By reaching that warp point, it will be registered as a base, You can move the map to that location at any time.

Various actions

Standard attacks, shots, jumps, continuous attacks, etc.

↓+Jump and slide

Double jump by jumping in the air

Charge shot is possible with ↑+shot.

Furthermore, by defeating a specific boss girl, You can get new shots.

Basic status changes when changing shots, etc.

The performance of attacks, shots, and charge shots will change.

By changing shots, you can exploit the girl's weaknesses, On the other hand, it can be prevented by resistance.

A fully voiced exploration action RPG with lots of fun elements

Treasure chests are placed in the area, Obtain materials and equipment from the treasure chests dropped by girls, You can synthesize new equipment at the alchemy workshop.

Allocating bonus points when leveling up. Acquire skills using acquired skill points, Lots of elements to play with, such as hidden areas and hidden items!

Game difficulty level

The game difficulty is:

  • EASY
  • HARD

You can choose from five types.

Normally NORMAL is OK.

For those who want to progress quickly or those who are not very confident in action games, try EASY. For those who don't play games at all or those who are not very good at games.

Choose VERY EASY. HARD and above are for advanced action game players.

Settings for game lovers

Operation is compatible with both gamepad and keyboard. Keys can be configured separately for the gamepad and keyboard.

Compatible with gaming monitors of 120Hz or higher. Works with best performance.

You can also switch between window mode and full screen mode. You can turn vertical sync on or off.

It is OK to understand that turning on vertical sync is a setting for low specs.

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