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Final For Android
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2월 21, 2024
126.9 MB
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Android 5.1+
Role Playing

Misha's Incident APK is Role Playing game where play as Misha, a girl with an unpleasant personality and a not very high level of intelligence. Help her raise funds to repay debts and thereby prevent a tragic end to her life. Explore the peculiar city, look for a job, and make new strange acquaintances.


Misha, a 23-year-old girl without roots, morals, or a stable income, suddenly realizes she can't keep living off micro-loans forever, especially when debt collectors come knocking at her door. In her pursuit of wealth, she encounters a strange new world with peculiar organizations, people, and other beings.

Will you accept the challenge of this bizarre world or decide to sell your innocence, or perhaps seek more astonishing ways to make a living? Fate might await you in a random elevator or in tarot readings from a certain scammer.


You take on the role of Misha, a young girl whose main mission is to earn money to repay "unexpected" debts. Your actions are entirely up to you: engage in battles, search for valuable resources in the city, provide assistance to those in need, or even choose the path of selling yourself. The entire gameplay depends on your decisions. Explore and earn... Or face your own demise.


  • Choosing a way to earn money
  • Day and night system
  • Explore the strange city of the New World
  • Lots of weird characters
  • Multiple endings
  • Put together a collection of magazines
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