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v1.083 For Android
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Des 27, 2023
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Android 8.1+
Role Playing

"Pre Master" tries to create a world that combines "underground gangs" and "traditional martial arts". The main stage of the story is a group of small fishing villages in the south. city, martial arts master Hu Zhen went to k-city after receiving a mysterious letter and discovering that his missing brother Hu Jia was active in K-city. Players will play the role of martial arts master Hu Zhen and accept apprentices in K-city To teach and at the same time follow the path of his younger brother Hu Jia, discover a huge conspiracy hidden under K-city and fulfill his mission.

Features in Pre Master Apk

  • Attribute Development (Standard RPG Game Attributes)
  • Kicking hall system (six martial arts halls + multiple challenge modes)
  • Apprentice system (as the player's level increases, he can get more apprentices, train his own apprentices and eliminate them with other duels, or bring the kick hall)
  • Plot task system (a routine plot, although there are no ups and downs, but there are also several reversals and small climaxes)
  • Movement and weapons system (nearly 50 types of movements for players to combine arbitrarily. Weapons include knives, batons, swords, daggers, pistols, etc.)


Kung Fu

The gossip palm is a knife, single palm is a single knife, and double palm is a double knife. The pace is broken and the buckle. There are sixty-four changes, and he is good at attacking the door.

Dynamic Poetry

There has never been a game that can immerse us in the poetic beauty and tranquility of nature like Flowers. Feel those amazing moments when your movements light up the screen. Experience art games that are included in Smithsonian's permanent collection.

Evolutionary Waiting

Welcome to the hypnotic deep blue abyss. In the process of your exploration, evolution and survival, bioluminous creatures swim above and below you.

Lost In The Dark Blue

Play one of the five creatures, each in a unique environment. Immerse yourself in the crisp "dark blue" and use the SIXAXIS wireless controller to get an organic experience, allowing you to glide, fly and flow in the universe.



After playing, the overall idea is very good. There are many places to be optimized. The font really needs to be adjusted. It doesn't look clear, and the color matching of the interface doesn't look too clear and comfortable.

The dubbing, music, and the later part are well done, which is very atmospheric. Keep up the optimization of the overall game! It's not easy to make a good game. But with the heart, the player must feel it. The bar is everywhere, don't pay attention to it.

In fact, you can refer to shifu. With reference and its own characteristics, the game is only those gameplay, good imitation, and your own idea is a good game. In short, I support it. Come on, developers!

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