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Myths of Moonrise Apk v1.30.1 (Latest)

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v1.30.1 for Android
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Sep 20, 2023
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Android 4.4+
Role Playing

A well-known mobile game that has enthralled gamers everywhere is called The Moonrise Apk. But along with its popularity, numerous myths have developed around it.

The idea that the game is impossible to finish is among the most pervasive urban legends. Simply said, this is untrue. Even though it is a challenging game, people who are persistent and open to learning can succeed. Success is attainable, but it takes time and perseverance. 

Another untruth is that the game has several bugs. Even if there are several flaws, the game can still be played despite them. Additionally, the creators are always creating updates to fix any lingering issues.

The game is overly simple, according to a third misconception. There is still a challenge to be had even though it might not be as challenging as some of its rivals. To advance, players must employ skill and strategy, and certain levels can be rather challenging.

And last, some users think the game's visuals are outmoded. Even while some of the more contemporary games may have more visually spectacular graphics, this one still has a distinct charm and look that many players find appealing.

There may be certain urban legends about The Moonrise Apk, but these have been disproven. The game is still well-liked and rewards players who are prepared to invest the necessary time and effort. Therefore, don't allow the myths deter you from playing this timeless game.

Features in Myths of Moonrise Apk

The rebuilding of homes

Get rid of the ruins and obstacles! Rebuilding is always a difficult process. There may be compatriots waiting to be rescued behind the rubble and broken walls, as well as minions of the Fallen. Take each step carefully, never give up on your compatriots, and never show mercy to the fallen. Match the chess pieces to release the ancient power that can destroy the enemies!

Recruit Heroes

It is impossible for a lone wolf to become a true Lord! Elites from all races are eager to help you! Don't let them down! Rather, you need to gather strength, as you will need your own strong right-hand man in the future.

Discover & Arena

The prepared are more likely to win! The perfect combination of Match-3 Battles and Hero Exploration is Hero Exploration. You must build up your clan, toughen your will, and achieve glory during the severe dilemmas and narrow escapes! All of these abilities would be tested in the ultimate arena!

Overlord of War

4 troop types and 5 races, all of the restrictions! Switching to offense is just a blink of an eye! To win on the battlefield, you must line up wisely and think ahead!

Create Alliances

It is power that speaks louder than oaths! The alliances of all races guard the inner brotherly stability and the expansion of the outer territories, which is the only way to make the Fallen tremble! Never underestimate the power of a formidable Lord!

Guard Continent

Fallen's fierceness can only be intensified by inaction and shelters! Make initiative attacks with all your forces! Take out all threats on every inch of the continent! The only way to regain calmness and harmony is to become the real Lord of Nights!


The tranquility and harmony of the night were pierced by giant pieces of meteorolite without warning. Crash, screams, and wails engulfed the whole continent in darkness. Everything is on the verge of collapse...

It was a life-or-death moment as the Vampire, the Werewolf, and the Wizard reunited, searching for glimmers of hope in the midst of the gloom. After reaching the Ancestral Grounds, the mighty Lord was awakened from his long sleep ahead of schedule... He is now telling all races to take back their lands and glory, and the moon will rise once more!



An original and moving gaming experience can be had with The Myths of Moonrise Apk. It takes players on a quest of exploration and adventure while also pressing them to use imagination and strategy in order to advance. Players are transported into a mythical world by Moonrise Apk's gorgeous graphics and engrossing soundtrack. It provides a pleasurable, captivating experience for all types of players, from newcomers to seasoned players. Even while the game is simple to learn and play, it has enough depth and complexity to draw players in time and time again. The intriguing presentation and exhilarating, unexpected gameplay of Myths of Moonrise Apk are what ultimately make the game stand out. Players will undoubtedly keep playing this game over and over again.

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