Merge Arena cards & heroes Apk

Merge Arena cards & heroes Apk Download v1.0.1 latest {version}

App By:
Mergegames LTD
v1.0.1 For Android
Updated On:
Dec 27, 2023
138.1 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.1+

Merge Arena Cards & Heroes Apk combines the fun of card gaming with real-time strategy. Fast-paced battles allow players to create powerful decks and compete against opponents. A variety of heroes and abilities are featured in the game, allowing an endless number of strategic combinations. Merge Arena Cards & Heroes Apk offers a unique mobile gaming experience with its deep and complex gameplay. To become the best in the arena, players can level up their cards and heroes. There are also daily events and rewards in the game, allowing players to gain powerful cards and rewards. Anyone looking for a thrilling card game should try Merge Arena Cards & Heroes Apk, which has easy-to-learn controls and vibrant graphics.

Features in Merge Arena cards & heroes Apk

What awaits you in this epic strategic and tactical game:

- The appeal of the heroes to the arena and the merger to strengthen and victory over the enemy!

- PVP and PVE battles for superiority over the opponent and pumping the arenas!

- Gold for victory and rating glasses to pump their heroes and move up the stairs to the work of the most cool level!

- The merger of the heroes that gives them new skills, abilities and attacks! Or he can increase his own to destroy the enemy in battle from one blow!

- A collection of steep cards with heroes, collecting which you increase your capabilities and level of heroes! There are limited unique maps available only to you who will help win the competition and increase the rating!

- The more victories in battles, the higher the rating and the more cards and opponents are available to you! Support the heroes, fight and win!


You're a warrior! We are pleased to welcome you to Merge Arena! The battle of the enemy is won by connecting the cards and crossing the heroes! The epic battle in the arena is your chance to enter the top players and become the coolest!

Your collection of pumped heroes will reveal more new areas for new battles as you earn more pumped heroes! To defeat the enemy in the PVP Battle, you can develop a fight strategy, collect more heroes, and enter the Merge Arena's best players ranking.

Take advantage of the strategy and tactics to collect the best army and your victorious legion, and use the ability to win in PVP mode. Collect dozens of unique maps of the heroes and expand your heroic deck! You can break any enemy army and open new arenas with each card's unique opportunities and spells! Your army is under your command. You can merge the heroes to get the most powerful fighter and replay enemies on the battlefield! In an arena battle, your valiant army destroys the enemy automatically!

Fight in the PVP Battle, strengthen the soldiers, and collect the heroes in the arena!

What's new

- Card strategy with arena auto battles;

- Strategic gameplay: cards, heroes, arenas, merging;

- PvP arena duels.



Using Merge Arena cards & heroes Apk, users can build their own unique deck of cards and heroes that they can use to battle opponents in a fun and competitive gaming environment. Merge Arena's vast collection of cards and heroes, as well as its intuitive and user-friendly interface, make it an excellent gaming experience. In the multiplayer mode, players can engage in fierce battles as well as strategic card combinations to outwit their opponents. A variety of rewards are also available in the game, allowing players to become stronger and acquire better cards. The Merge Arena cards & heroes Apk is an excellent and highly addictive game that will appeal to gamers of all ages.

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