Mega Bike 3D Crash Simulator Apk

Mega Bike 3D Crash Simulator Apk v1.3 (Latest)

App By:
ABI Global LTD
v1.3 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 20, 2023
145.2 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.1+

A thrilling 3D racing game, Mega Bike: 3D Crash Simulator will take you on an exciting ride! Taking on dangerous curves and sharp turns, you'll ride a motorbike through the city streets. Managing your motorbike's speed and direction will be key to avoiding crashes along the way. As you progress, the game will become more challenging, with more obstacles and more difficult turns.

With stunning 3D graphics and realistic physics, the game is even more exciting. Additionally, the sound effects contribute to the overall experience, making it feel like you're actually riding a motorcycle. The online leaderboard lets you compete against friends or other players and test and improve your skills.

You can download and play the game on the Google Play Store for Android devices. New levels and graphics are included in the latest version, as well as bug fixes. Get ready to race your way to the top with Mega Bike: 3D Crash Simulator!

Features in Mega Bike 3D Crash Simulator Apk

You can enjoy the car crash game experience by playing this Mega Bike Crashes Simulator game:

  • As you pass through each level of this bike crash simulator game, you will accumulate numerous high-end, high-quality vehicles in the ultimate motorbike crash collection. You can ride high-performance superbikes at different speeds. A collection of car games is available with your favorite vehicles in general and bikes in particular.
  • In the car games, you can customize your own racing motorbike by choosing authentic free mega bike crashing engines, luxurious accessories, and colorful designs. Car crash simulator paint wraps, decals, rims, brake calipers, interior trims, etc. are available for you to mega car crash in the ultimate games.
  • Earn as many coins as possible to unlock a large number of bike crash simulator levels as well as numerous amazing mega bike racing simulator assets in our multiple 3D car game selections. There are mega coins packs and speed boosters everywhere to encourage players to unlock new awesome crash simulator motorbikes and complete new bike game challenges.
  • Enjoy the outstanding 3D rendering techniques for bike crash simulators and realistic sounds which will give you the sensation of driving a real racing car with details of supercars, car race environments, and bike crash simulator effects.
  • You can also choose the bike game rider mode you prefer. You can access awesome bike crash simulator modes anytime, anywhere, and from any device. You can play Mega Bike Crash Simulator offline if you temporarily do not have an internet connection.


Mega Bike:3D Crash Simulator is an ultimate new addition to offline crash games simulators. You will demolish targets in this free motorcycle crash simulator game.

Play with speed or crazy strikes and become the master of stunt driving. Mega Bike Crash Simulator will give you all of the crashing feelings you have ever wanted in a car or motorbike game. Drive your sports racing bike with your hands on the steering motorcycle scooter. The goal of this game is to win the top racers by stunting with a racing motorbike. Experience the 3D bike crash simulator and compete against other racing opponents behind the scooter of racing games.

Check the full fuel, bike tyres, steering scooter, and breaks in this racing bike games for the best performance.

The Mega Bike Crash Simulator game is all-new, and it's ready for you to crash. Start crashing in the bike games now! Try out our most adventurous, amusing, and challenging car racetracks, as well as crash as much as you can in this car game.



The Mega Bike 3D Crash Simulator Apk has been a great success, offering users an engaging and realistic experience. The game features realistic 3D graphics, high-speed racing action, and realistic physics. There have been millions of downloads and it has been highly rated by users. This game has been a great way for users to experience the thrill of motorcycle racing thanks to its realistic physics and thrilling gameplay. The game has also been a great way for users to practice and sharpen their racing skills. As a result of this simulation, users have been offered a great and realistic experience.

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