Laya's Horizon Apk

Laya's Horizon Apk v1.0.572 (Latest)

App By:
Netflix, Inc.
v1.0.572 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 20, 2023
466 Mb
Required Android:
Android 8.0+

Exclusively available to Netflix subscribers.

In Laya's Horizon, players can experience sci-fi action RPGs like never before. In this game, players take on the role of Laya, whose goal is to save her homeland and defeat the invaders. Discover hidden secrets and artifacts as you explore a mysterious world. Weapons and magical skills will be used to defeat various monsters and enemies.

Each game is unique because Laya has a variety of skills and equipment. To face more challenging enemies and missions, players can upgrade and improve their equipment and skills. You can also explore different levels and maps in the game, allowing you to discover new areas constantly.

Players can upgrade and purchase new equipment using gems and items they collect in Laya's Horizon. Guilds can also be formed by players to complete tasks and challenges together. To fully immerse players in Laya's Horizon's world, the game features spectacular 3D graphics, animations, music, and sound effects.

Features in Laya's Horizon Apk

The position of Laya's arms changes the shape of her cape like a bird's wings, inspired by the real-world sport of wingsuit flying. You can steer, boost, rise, and dive with the help of intuitive controls by moving your thumbs independently or together.

Cut through the air in high-speed races and avoid crashes as you carefully maneuver through challenging obstacle courses. You can fly without a goal if you're in the mood for a relaxing adventure.

Over 50 exciting missions, over 40 challenging levels, and over 100 collectibles await you in this game. Enhance your abilities with capes and charms.

Fly boldly for high rewards. You'll be close to everything, from hot air balloons to snowy slopes. By doing this, you will be able to absorb the island's energy and keep flying fast. Whenever you feel a drop in energy, dip low and close to your environment to collect sparks.

Learn how to fly with enchanted capes and charms as you unlock new abilities. Experiment with different equipment combinations to boost boost speeds, conserve energy, and improve maneuverability.

Each patch of terrain offers a unique flying experience, from the winding rivers of the Highlands to the towering rock formations of Stone Forest. Skim over massive waves, dodge raging geysers and weave through narrow caves filled with ancient ruins.

The Windfolk are as diverse as the island they live on, making meeting them as exciting as exploring it.

The Windfolk world is filled with original music and handcrafted audio. A fully immersive experience is provided by adaptive audio that matches the movement and intensity of your flying. As you fly and experience the environment, you will enjoy an orchestral score that provides the perfect ambience.


Laya's Horizon is a high-end adventure game developed by the Snowman team, which also developed Alto's Adventure and Alto's Odyssey for mobile devices. Featuring a new story and set of characters, the experience will transport players into an entirely new world. To save the world, players must complete quests around their large map while discovering the protagonist's past.

Laya's horizon maintains the same minimalist design, including muted colors and low-poly shapes. The open-world nature of the game makes it a satisfying 3D experience.

Learn the art of flying. Explore a vast, peaceful world by diving off mountains, weaving through forests and gliding over rivers.

Fly through obstacle courses that will make your heart soar while you hone your skills and use the ancient power of Windfolk's enchanted capes. This open-world adventure is inspired by wingsuit flying and takes place on a vast island.

A familiar aesthetic, a brand new story

Laya's Horizon is part of Netflix's Games suite. Despite being free for Netflix subscribers, the Google Play Store will charge for it. Snowman promises a more story-focused experience than the endless run found in earlier Snowman games, despite its visual similarities to Alto games.

It uses the familiar art style from the Alto games. This time, it's in a 3D open world with low poly visuals and warm color combinations. Backtracking and side quests help keep players engaged, while huge maps make it longer to play. Travel and platform jumping are two specific gameplay aspects to watch out for.

In addition to the game's physics, you should also pay attention to its controls. Flying with wingsuits requires a different learning curve since it involves maneuvering in the air. Because it isn't completely straightforward, and it isn't completely realistic, it's not intuitive. In spite of a huge leap forward in terms of content and visuals, the game remains surprisingly well-optimized, just like its predecessor.



With Laya's Horizon, players of any age or skill level can expect an entertaining, immersive, and interesting experience. This app will be popular with mobile users because of its beautiful graphics, engaging plot, and exciting gameplay.

Prepare to soar into Laya's Horizon on May 2nd, available for iOS and Android devices. Also, if you're a Netflix member, you can watch this incredible journey for free! Enjoy this amazing gaming opportunity; good luck!

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