Last Battlefield Earth Apk

Last Battlefield Earth Apk v1.0.1 (Latest)

App By:
Upsurge Games LLC
v1.0.1 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 20, 2023
83 Mb
Required Android:
Android 9+
Role Playing

In the Last Battlefield Earth Apk, players are immersed in a post-apocalyptic world where they must fight for survival against enemy forces. Players can customize their characters with weapons and armor, then take on missions to progress through the game. Players will encounter a variety of enemies, including zombie-like monsters, robots, and other players, as they progress. As well as a deep story, the game offers multiple endings based on the player's decisions. A thrilling and intense game, The Last Battlefield Earth Apk keeps players engaged for hours on end. Getting a sense of what life could be like after a global disaster in a post-apocalyptic world is a great way to experience it.

Features in Last Battlefield Earth Apk

- Explore dozens of unique hand-drawn locations.

- Fight for your life, and loot not only raiders and savages but also terrible aliens.

- Develop the character and his faithful friend - the robot dog.

- Create the best armor, weapons, and equipment from all sorts of rubbish and valuable parts.


Aliens suddenly turned Earth into a battlefield. There was no agreement between constructs and Livers, and they frankly did not care about people either.

While some of us have served on either side, none of us have done so voluntarily. It was just a matter of surviving for most of us.

There was a sudden end to the war. For earthlings, at least. Various strange artifacts, anomalies, and even wounded or deserted relatives were left behind by the dreadful armies that left the devastated planet.

As well as reviving our world, we had to better prepare ourselves in case the creatures returned.

Take note! For testing purposes, this is an alpha version of the game. As a result, not all possibilities are revealed in the game, and not all locations are accessible. Despite this, you can test the early version and send your ideas and wishes to the developers. It is possible to make the game perfect together.



Players can explore a world full of adventure and mystery in The Last Battlefield Earth Apk. Players can band together to fight an oppressive regime and reclaim their freedom. A variety of game modes and stunning visuals make this game endlessly entertaining. To create the ultimate army, players will explore the environment, scavenge for resources, and build up their base. A variety of weapons and gear are also available for players to customize their characters and become more powerful.

Gamers of all ages have enjoyed playing The Last Battlefield Earth Apk. This game offers an immersive and thrilling adventure with a visually stunning world and intense battles. Players can customize their own unique experience as they fight to reclaim their world with its variety of weapons and items. Playing the game is a testament to the power of mobile gaming and how developers can create immersive experiences for players.

The Last Battlefield Earth Apk is an excellent mobile game that provides players of all ages with an immersive and engaging experience. Players are sure to be engaged by its stunning visuals and intense battles. Those looking for a unique and exciting mobile gaming experience should try this game.

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