King of Gangs Apk

King of Gangs Apk v0.1.111 (Latest)

App By:
Joyager International Company Limited
v0.1.111 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 20, 2023
360.6 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
Role Playing

King of Gangs is a very challenging mafia simulator game. As a mafia boss, you command the whole gang! Recruit mobs, declare war on other gangs, seize turfs and resources, and finally become the gang king! In your successful life, you can date hot babes and raise kids!

Features in King of Gangs Apk

Recruit Mobs

To rise from a nobody to a street lord, you can recruit skilled mobs, such as Shadow Killers and Legendary Brawlers.

The hottest girls around

A lot of hot babes are available for you to marry--cute nurses, charming sheriffs, exotic girls, and noble ladies... Kids are hope, right?

Organize Crimes

With your minions, you'll be able to undertake quests and challenges, expand your sphere of influence through robberies, assaults, and negotiations, and take out tough ringleaders to make a lot of money.

Refit Supercars

Your partners benefit from upgrading your mount. When it comes to streetfights, supercars can make you the coolest guy!

Business expansion

This is a sinful city. To protect your family, you'll need to play your cards wisely. You shape your future based on your choices.

You are needed by your mafia. Are you up for the challenge?


A new game for Android devices is King of Gangs. The game features a thrilling and immersive storyline set in a world of crime and gangs, as well as multiple game modes. By recruiting gang members, building hideouts, and engaging in intense battles with rival gangs, players can build their own criminal empires in King of Gangs.

A unique blend of RPG and strategy elements allows players to customize their gangs and characters. To succeed in their missions, players can also use a variety of weapons, vehicles, and other items. The game also offers PvP battles, which allow players to prove their skills against other players.

Players can build their own criminal empires in King of Gangs, an exciting and action-packed game. This game provides hours of entertainment thanks to its immersive storyline, diverse game modes, and strategic elements. Join the world of gangs and crime with King of Gangs!



The game has provided users with a fun and intense gaming experience. As players worked their way up the leaderboard, they encountered a variety of characters, missions, and levels. Players can also compete with each other to prove their gangster skills in the game. Its level of difficulty has been praised by a wide range of gamers. Players can also create their own levels and customize the game according to their preferences. It is safe to say that King of Gangs Apk has been a great success and will continue to be a favorite among gamers for a long time to come.

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