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v1.14.19 for Android
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Dec 27, 2023
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5.0 and up

Eros Fantasy APK lets you into a world where there are a lot of girls of different races who have powerful abilities. You will put together a strong team for both defence and offence to beat many enemies with different skills.

About Eros Fantasy

When you play Eros dream, you go into a dream world and hang out with beautiful girls from different races. You'll use them to solve a lot of different problems, and their qualities and traits will lead you to choose other strategies. At the same time, new characters will join your team through the gacha system. These new characters will add variety to your team.

Meet a lot of pretty girls.

When you start Eros Fantasy, you'll go into a world where there are many different races. This means that the girls you meet may have different traits. Experiencing and learning about something changes how you feel about it. At the same time, they will be the fighters who help you beat the enemies you see and deal with the problems of this fantasy world. You can also quickly find out how to play this game.
Battles in this game happen one at a time, and your team is made up of five different people who stand in three lines. So, you will choose the best spot for each character based on their stats and how strong they are. When you look at the characters' specific information, you can find out this kind of information. At the same time, fights will happen on their own, and of course, who wins will depend on how strong they are.

Defeat Powerful Opponents.

There are different steps in an Eros Fantasy match that you need to pay attention to, like the preparation and attack stages. During the preparation part, players will see their own team and the enemy's formation so they can come up with good strategies. At the same time, the power indicator is shown at the top of the screen. The power indicator also changes when you change your plan. This sign will help you figure out how often you will beat your opponent.
As soon as the fight starts, you'll see the characters attack the enemy over and over again. Their attacks will be based on their stats. At the same time, each attack fills up the energy bar below the HP bar, which helps the character launch more powerful strikes. You can say that you will choose the right strategies and places for the character that does the most damage to stay alive and for the character with the highest resistance to protect your teammates.
The counter system is an important part of any turn-based fighting game. Before the fight starts, the player can see what skills the enemy team has and pick the right characters to play. At the same time, the attribute behind will do 30% damage to the parts in front. This means that players have to call in different characters to make great teams.

Call on Strong Characters.

In Eros Fantasy, everyone wants to have their own group of cute and strong waifus. So, you'll use gacha signs to do this, and you'll use the resources you already have to make summons. Players will get random characters based on how lucky they are and what the flags look like. Their goal is to make figures with stats that are all 5 stars.
One interesting thing you should know is that the character's power is limited by the number of stars it has. To move up to a higher star rank, you need to collect a certain number of bits of the character. The character's gacha shooting is how they get these shards, and characters with a high starting star count will have a better chance of getting shards than others. At the same time, you can level up quickly by using materials.

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