Criminal Archives Murders Apk

Criminal Archives Murders Apk v1.0.6 (Latest)

App By:
Do Games Limited
v1.0.6 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 20, 2023
90.9 Mb
Required Android:
Android 7.0+

Anyone who enjoys crime and mystery should download the Criminal Archives Murders Apk. In this interactive crime-solving game, the user takes on the role of a detective investigating unsolved murders. In order to solve the case, players must use deductive reasoning and investigative skills to collect evidence, analyze clues, and interview witnesses. 

The game creates believable and engaging scenarios by using a real-world database of cases. Through the game, you will uncover more facts about the case and eventually reach a logical conclusion. Furthermore, the game provides players with a map of the crime scene, a forensic lab, and a database of evidence to assist them in their investigations.

A great way to practice your detective skills while learning about real-world crime and investigation techniques is with Criminal Archives Murders Apk. Whether you are interested in crime or mystery, or just want to sharpen your skills in a fun and engaging way, this game is perfect for you. Criminal Archives Murders Apk is sure to get you hooked on crime-solving with its engaging gameplay and realistic scenarios.

Features in Criminal Archives Murders Apk

Investigate on your own!

A crime investigation can be influenced by choosing the character's phrases for a particular action. At nearly the same time, three seemingly unrelated murders occur. Are you going to be able to discover the connection between criminal minds? You'd better think twice!

Achievements of all kinds!

Prepare yourself for riveting puzzles, challenging escape rooms, and hidden objects! Investigation of the last crime scene and interviewing of suspects should be the first step. There wasn't anything unusual found by the police, but perhaps you can solve the puzzle? As a real detective, you will earn numerous achievements to highlight your accomplishments!

Chapter bonus!

Once you have solved the main murder mystery, unlock another crime investigation that will challenge your detective skills! The fashion house you work with made a dress that a celebrity developed an allergy to. Help your friend fight off false accusations by finding suspects!

Items to collect!

A new puzzle adventure is full of mysterious objects that the player must find to progress in the investigation! Identify hidden objects at each crime scene by searching collector's items. Make your detective skills irreplaceable!


Accidents are sometimes not accidental at all, and there is more to them than meets the eye. The thrilling murder mystery "Alphabetic Murders" is part of the "Criminal Archives" detective games series! Character strength and the ability to act without thinking for more than five seconds make a good detective from a bad one. Are you able to demonstrate these qualities? To solve the criminal case and stay alive, you must watch your back. Even though it can be a bit tricky, you will need to question suspects, search the crime scene, and find all hidden objects, surely you can solve this case, right?

Melinda Watson, a local constable, asks you for assistance with one of the cases. As you work on the case, you discover new clues that connect the three victims. They were either friends or business partners. As you progress, it becomes increasingly apparent that these murders are not random. A masked man breaks into one of the victims' houses to steal his documents. His wife, Norma, is devastated and claims she didn't even know that her husband had such papers. Do you know the difference between truth and lies?



The Criminal Archives Murders Apk has proven to be a powerful tool for investigating unsolved murders. By providing a database of information about victims, suspects, and unsolved cases, the Apk has allowed law enforcement to analyze the data and aggressively pursue justice. By using its user-friendly interface, investigators can quickly uncover patterns and clues that might otherwise be overlooked. Moreover, the Apk's ability to integrate with other law enforcement databases has improved the accuracy of the information available and helped reduce the number of unsolved cases. 

Unsolved murder cases have been solved thanks to the Criminal Archives Murders Apk. It is a valuable resource for law enforcement and a testament to the power of modern technology in the pursuit of justice.

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